Twitch-ing as job of the future

Twitch-ing as job of the future

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15 years ago we didn’t have most of the jobs we have now, 10 years ago some people started doing some out of passion, now some of them have become full time jobs. My reference will be only related to the game and eSports industry, both creating jobs of the future.

Streaming is serious business now, you can actually create a full time/part time schedule for yourself and work  from home, making as much money as a job in an office, sometimes even more. But is it really that easy?


Streaming requires some resources

–  have a set up that can support games and the stream itself

– create an identity and a community

– graphics for your channel and pages

– market yourself constantly

– choosing the appropriate (for you) platform to stream on


new-twitchtv-logo                                  YouTube-Gaming-Icon01_blog_post_lineazubu_blue Hitbox234




Why can we call streaming a full time job?

Well as simple as you make a constant revenue due to 3  factors: subscribers, partnership and donations.

Does it pay off immediately?

Rarely is the correct answer. Building a streaming channel takes both time and connections. Good content is always a subjective matter.

Should i get into it?

A year back Twitch had over 5000 partner channels, more and more people create a channel with content every day. So, the obvious answer is: you should try.

How can I become successful as a streamer? 

If you are not a gaming/eSports personality, it’s a lot of hard work. To me the most important thing is to understand the audience i am addressing. But the plan varies form person to person. Girls get a lot of attention due to the higher percent of male audience. In the end you should just enjoy that you are doing, following your passion can pay off, you just have to WORK HARD.


As a tip i recommend you learn from the best





In May 2015 SuperDataResearch made an eSports brief worth reading for anyone that works in the industry, streams or is passionate about it. You can download it here. Streaming looks amazing recently.

stream 2 stream1



Streaming looks amazing recently, if you think it could fit you, just give it a try. It is hard in the beginning, you have to talk a lot to yourself, have just a few viewers and get trashed (kappa). But if you really like it, don’t give up.



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