Esl One Frankfurt 2015

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I hate packing, always did. It takes me up to 6 hours to pack and most of the time i discover that i wanted to bring other things aswell. Most of the time it takes this much because i open Dota and play a game or 2 or 3 while i pack. But this time i did it, packed a small suitcase and grabbed my The International 2014 track jacket ready for the biggest european Dota 2 event (second after the International in my opinion). At 5 am i was ready to go.

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The trip to Frankfurt was interesting by itself. My plane arrived in Cologne and from there i took a bus. At the bus station i met some other fans that were traveling for ESL One, was great to see that everybody was hyped for the event and had a big smile while talking about Dota 2. Cologne was really cold though.

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After a 2 hours trip i finally made it to Frankfurt Central Station. Friday was a rainy day, but that did not discouraged any Dota fan that arrived. Excitement was building by the seconds. Checked in at my hotel and spend the rest of the day at the stadium watching casters doing rehearsals (which were kinda fun).

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And so Saturday came. Woke up at 8 am, too excited to sleep. Got some clothes on and started the journey to Commerzbank Arena. Once we got there i redeemed both my premium pass and the press one. It was easy to get them since you had directions and signs all over the place. Went up the familiar stairs in the premium area to the stage. And then it hit me, i was here again! Biggest Dota 2 event in Europe! Everybody was here: teams, casters, personalities, cosplayers and friends, all gathered by one common trait: Dota 2.

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