The HUBs – Frankfurt Major Qualifiers

The HUBs – Frankfurt Major Qualifiers

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Two days of the Frankfurt Major Qualifiers have happened and we are now watching phase 2. There were a lot of  good games with intense moments and names that have marked the Dota 2 scene over the past years. Yes, Na’Vi were eliminated and once more the question stands: will they ever make a come back or should they replace the whole roster? Maybe, but that is of the future and now we still have 2 days and Frankfurt teams to decide.

The whole qualifier is covered as always by all the major studios. This is a Valve interdependent decision that these studios make with partnerships/sponsorships. So hold your reddit flame low when you see the commercials and be grateful for the work these people had put into making the HUBs.

The english commentary is covered by 2 major HUBs. Check them below:



As an update this is the state of the qualifiers at the moment. Images courtesy of 


The Frankfurt Major – presented by ESL will see 16 of the world’s best Dota 2 teams battle it out over 6 days at Festhalle Frankfurt. Get your ticket now to have guaranteed access for the final matches on Saturday!

The Frankfurt Major will run from November 16th until November 21st. Come watch the best Dota 2 matches, claim your Dota 2 and team merchandise, and then meet the players and personalities.

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