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Hi friends,


I will dedicate this blog post to list the interviews that i did. I never studied journalism so this are just my first attempts at being an interviewer. Looking to improve over time in both writing articles about the eSports scene and also getting better at on sight video interviews. One of the first steps is the fact that i also started streaming, this will improuve both my accent and will be a good diction exercise. –

I will start with the most recent one ESL Frankfurt 2015 – June

Interview with Capitalist at ESL One Frankfurt 2015 – 1256 views 

Interview with Zyori at StarLadder 12 – 2,656 views 

Interview with 7ckngMad at StarLadder 12 – 5,512

London Conspiracy boot camp in Bucharest –  Madara – 412 views 

London Conspiracy boot camp in Bucharest – Keyser- 612 views


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