The Frankfurt Major Broadcast team

The Frankfurt Major Broadcast team

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Only 1 week and a half left until the first Major of Dota 2 – The Frankfurt Major – and we finally found out the talent that will cover every inch of this event. The best of the best 22 people have been selected and the event takes a rather professional allure.  Since some of you might not know all these Dota personalities i will link them with their twitter accounts and you should follow ( they are rather entertaining)


AUS TobiWan  Toby Dawson

United-States Capitalist Austin Walsh

United-States LD             David Gorman

United-Kingdom ODPixel   Owen Davies



denmark syndereNTroels Nielsen

United-States Blitz         William Lee

United-States Merlini     Ben Wu

United-States Purge      Kevin Godec

denmark Maelk     Jacob Toft-Andersen 

United-States Nahaz     – Alan Bester


Hosts and Interviewers 

United-Kingdom PyrionFlax Ted Forsyth

United-Kingdom ReDeYe       Paul Chaloner

United-States Korlguy       Dakota Cox


Observers and Stats

Sweden Weppas           – Johan Westberg

Sweden skrff                – Rikard Melin

germany PimpmuckL   Jonathan Leibig

images Noxville        Ben Steenhuisen

United-States Kpoptosis     Bryan Herren 


Remember Dota friends, the entrance to the first 5 days of the event is free and for the 6th day you should purchase tickets here. This is the first time that a Dota 2 event is held by Valve outside the United States (Seattle), so be sure to catch it. The whole event is made with the help of ESL so be sure to follow them on twitter and facebook.

The location of the event will be Festhalle Messe – check for hotel and transportation to suit your needs.


If you also want to get a quick glimpse of the pretty talent faces check out the image below. See you friends in a week and a half.


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